MES Business Flows

Structure and organise your data.

We develop custom .NET database applications for data input and processing.

Prevent incorrect or missing data with business logic. Reduce data maintenance and enjoy the default functionalities of our application framework.

Business Case for a Database Application

Data. Your business can’t run without it. As a business owner, you need to track everything, from your inventory levels to the personal information of employees. Many entrepreneurs start off tracking information and data using a simple spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.  Even organisations with ERP and MES systems in place use these files for tracking and storing data that is not supported by their enterprise systems.

Despite the flexibility, data entry and storage in spreadsheets has a lot of disadvantages in terms of data integrity, consistency, security and availability.  It doesn’t support your business process, it is difficult to query and application programs can’t make use of it.  In short, it disturbs your current and future business development.


Create a Database Application

At Damatec, we help our customers transform their files and spreadsheets into a solid and user friendly database application.  Using Microsoft SQL Server as backbone, we generate and develop fast and easily applications for data input, data processing, reporting and visualisiation.

Our database application framework comes with many default build in functionalities like security, data navigation, a filter and search engine, reporting integration, document management and much more.

Fast development

Damatec’s business consultants are experienced in translating your needs into a relational database structure and defining and optimizing the corresponding business logic.  It is the first step in transforming your sheets and requirements into a database application.

Thanks to our in house rapid development tool, build into Microsoft Visual Studio, we can transform the database structure into a multi tier user application in a blink of an eye, delivering a ready to use solution founded on our application framework.

Damatec’s application framework is the result of many years of database application development, providing default build in functionalities and capabilities to your business users.



We can integrate your new application with the other tools you already use.  As a part of our application framework, master data extraction from diverse data sources can easily be processed, manually or automated, avoiding double input and inconsistency.


Take the next step

Organising and structuring your data in a relational database is an important and major step in digitizing your business .  It provides many advantages for all stakeholders and delivers immediate return.

When having your data organized, it allows you to take the next step in becoming a data driven business.  With Damatec, you can continue to become more efficient and expand your business by adding more domains, develop mobile applications, create insights and automate your business flows.



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