MES Operator

Monitor your production machinery.

We are able to extract, stream, analyse and visualize data from your production lines, in real time.

Detect upcoming problems and increase production performance. Review historical data to the second or discover trends and unknown relations.

Make sense of your industrial data

Damatec doesn’t only focus on static transactional data, but also on real time data your machines and production lines are continously generating.  Your employees can detect anomalies earlier and respond quickly with adjustments or repairs before production is affected.  Data from your equipment improves utilization, reduces waste, reduces costs, improves quality, and more.

To achieve the Factory of the Future, manufacturers must transform their operations using the latest technology. Digitizing production is fundamental to this transformation, and for most manufacturers real-time visibility into production is the place to start.

With Damatec and the right technology it doesn’t have to be hard. We implement solutions that enables you to experiment with simulated data, connect equipment without disruption, protect your data, and empower employees with near-real-time visibility.  We help manufactures remotely monitor, predict, and solve problems before they become critical issues.


Connect to your machines

Damatec uses Kepserver EX to connect to your production machinery.  It provides critical technical features that enable accessibility, aggregation, optimization, connectivity, security, and diagnostics in an industrial environment.

We have the broadest range of drivers available, including current and legacy devices across various verticals, a variety of wired and wireless network mediums, and connectivity to databases, custom software applications, and other OPC servers.

At Damatec, our engineers can develop custom drivers to get all interesting data out of any device.

Also, multiple interfaces for integration with IT applications are available out of the box, including ODBC for logging history to a database and data access for the ThingWorx platform, enabling us to develop and deploy smart-connected solutions for the IoT.

Visualize real time data

The data generated from hundreds of sensors can be streamed, transformed, visualized and analyzed in real time.  Alerts and notifications will enable you to anticipate faster on upcoming problems and efficiency drops.  For KPI and thresholds, we can combine your machine data with static data from your operational ERP or MES system without performance loss.  It gives you the power to fine-tune your production process.

With Damatec’s automation experts, you can place sensors and controls at every critical point in your managed process and as you monitor more things, you have a more detailed view of your operations, in real time.

So even for large and complex manufacturing processes,  you will have an eagle-eye view of every event while it’s happening.

With Ignition from Inductive Automation, we can deliver a dynamic, powerful, and beautiful HMI experience unlike any other. Display real-time data on everything from status-and-control screens to interactive charts and tables so you can analyze data at-a-glance and quickly act on it. Since all clients are connected to a central server, everyone in your company will stay up-to-date and can easily access the real-time data they need.


Store and review performance

Any tag from your machine, device or sensor can be selected to log and to archive. This results in a consistent knowledge base from which to correct errors and improve efficiency.
By keeping all generated machine data stored, Damatec’s Business Intelligence department gets involved and makes sure you can review production performance, detect trends, analyse production efficiency evolutions, aggregate measures to the year or drill down to the second

Integrating your production historical data with MRP, MES or cloud data gives you a much powerfull solution, enabling data mining and machine learning capabilities.

Data mining and machine learning

Based on the past data from the controlled process, the future states and goals of the control system can be clearly predicted using specific selected input parameters.

At Damatec, we can process and analyse hidden patterns in your data according to different perspectives for categorization.  With SQL Server Analysis Services an Azure Machine Learning, we use leading tools in predictive analysis.  The combination of Integration Services, Reporting Services, and SQL Server Data Mining provides an integrated platform for predictive analytics that encompasses data cleansing and preparation, machine learning, and reporting.

The reuse of predictive outcomes in an automated production process is one of the newest technologies our engineers are helping you to accomplish.  We are pushing you further in the capabilities of data driven automation and preparing your business for industry 4.0.


Prepare for industry 4.0

The term describes an environment where machinery and equipment are able to improve processes through automation and self-optimization. The benefits also extend beyond just the physical production of goods and into functions like planning, supply chain logistics, and even product development.

Yet, the core value of the smart factory still happens within the four walls of the plant. The structure of a smart factory can include a combination of production, information, and communication technologies, with the potential for integration across the entire manufacturing supply chain.

When you are ready, we are there to advise, support and help you in this next revolution to come.


Manufacturers new Service Model

Manufacturers understand that connecting their equipment is essential to minimizing downtime and reducing costs while providing better service offerings to their customers. To realize these benefits, service organizations require remote access to monitor and assist with user operations, troubleshoot problems, resolve service events and more, all without leaving the office.

Kepserver EX and Thingworx Integration

Kepserver EX expanded interoperability with the ThingWorx IoT Platform, the industry’s leading application development platform for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Both KEPServerEX and ThingWorx are extremely flexible, and can be deployed in many different environments and integrated with a variety of solutions to meet customer needs.

Built on the ThingWorx industrial IoT platform,  PTC provides a role-based app for service managers and technicians that is fast to deploy, scalable, flexible, and customizable. It provides visibility to connected assets with key role-intelligent information, offering insight into the operating condition of the asset, alerts on operating anomalies, and remote service for the connected assets
ThingWorx Asset Advisor continuously monitors key parameters in connected equipment to detect problems before they cause downtime. Service managers and technicians can remotely monitor, manage, diagnose and resolve issues for their connected equipment in the field. Providing service teams with unprecedented capabilities to act in real time for a proactive maintenance approach, ThingWorx Asset Advisor drives increased equipment uptime, decreased time to repair and improved customer loyalty.

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