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Self service business intelligence?

Insights and reporting are the final and most visible results of business intelligence.  Today, self service BI visualisation tools like Microsoft Power BI, empower more business users to take timely data driven decisions, accelerating innovation and business results.

Self Service Business Intelligence however, can only succeed when clean, correct and understandable data is provided to the business users as they may not have sufficient skills, tools or permissions to query the operational data sources.


Our added value

For Business Intelligence, the added value of Damatec is located between the operational data sources and the consumption of data by business users and decision makers.  We combine and transform complex data from multiple sources into powerful data models your businesses user can easily understand.

Therefore, Damatec uses Microsoft SQL Server that delivers build in business intelligence capabilities.  You can rely on a proven scalable enterprise platform to deliver business insights to more people across your organization.  That’s why we can get started quickly, creating insights on a platform that is designed to work with the data, systems and tools you already have.

You can connect to secure data models at the speed of thought using the data visualization tool of your choice.  We provide access to reports and key performance indicators from a single source, so business users know where to go for the latest insights.  With only a few clicks you access reports, further analyze in Excel or create dynamic and interactive reports with Power BI.


Discover how we deliver business intelligence

Data Warehousing

The data warehouse is the central, organizational, relational repository of integrated data from one or more disparate sources, across many or all subject areas. Data warehouses store current and historical data and are used for reporting and analysis of the data in different ways.

In essence, a data warehouse stores quality, conformed and historically accurate data as the single version of the truth.  The data warehouse forms the foundation for decision making and ensures access of the right data to only the right people.

Damatec uses Microsoft SQL Server database engine as the core service for storing, processing, and securing data. The Database Engine provides controlled access and rapid transaction processing to meet the requirements of the most demanding data consuming applications within your enterprise.


Extract Transform and Load processing

A common problem that organizations face is how to gather data from multiple sources, in multiple formats, and move it to one or more data stores. The destination may not be the same type of data store as the source, and often the format is different, or the data needs to be shaped or cleaned before loading it into its final destination.

Extract, transform and load systems are concerned with moving and transforming data, from the operational data sources to a staging or data warehouse database.  Transformations can include data integration, aggregation, change detection, calculations, conforming and cleansing.

Using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), we can extract and transform data from a wide variety of sources such as XML data files, flat files, and relational data sources, and then load the data into one or more destinations.


Data Quality Management

Incorrect data can result from user entry errors, corruption in transmission or storage, mismatched data dictionary definitions, and other data quality and process issues. Aggregating data from different sources that use different data standards can result in inconsistent data, as can applying an arbitrary rule or overwriting historical data. Incorrect data affects the ability of a business to perform its business functions and to provide services to its customers, resulting in a loss of credibility and revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and compliance issues.

Data Quality Management Systems profile data to discover inconsistencies and other anomalies.  They can also perform data cleansing activities to improve the data quality.

Damatec uses Microsoft Data Quality Services (DQS), a SQL Server tool that enables a business user, information worker, or IT professional to create, maintain, and execute their organization’s data quality operations with minimal setup or preparation time.


Master Data Management

Every organisation typically has data on customers, products, employees and physical assets but these data items are seldom held in one location.

Having multiple sources of information is a widespread problem, especially in large organizations, and the associated costs can be very high.  By providing one point of reference for critical information, MDM eliminates costly redundancies that occur when organizations rely upon multiple, conflicting sources of information.  MDM pulls together multiple data items that relate to the same logical object. This is exactly what your users need to build a foundation of trustworthy insights. So you can move forward with confidence.

Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS) enables you to manage a master set of your organization’s data. You can organize the data into models, create rules for updating the data, and control who updates the data. With Excel, you can manage and share the master data set with other people in your organization.


Creating Data Models

Data Models are the users gates to insights, it are the objects business users connect on while using the visualisation tool of their choice.  Data Models deliver intuitive browsing and high performance query results, even over large volumes of data.  Data models perform calculations that are difficult to achieve by using relational queries. They surface actions like drill through and can secure your data for different roles.

Damatec creates your enterprise-grade semantic data models in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSIS).  We deliver these models for business reports and client applications such as Power BI, Excel, Reporting Services reports, or other data visualization tools.

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