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Strategic Advise

When transforming an organization into a data-driven one, the aspirations on the data value chain need to align with the organization’s vision and strategy.

At Damatec, we help businesses with the creation of an Enterprise Data Strategy.  Therefore, together, we uncovering your current state and develop a short and long term action plan.  Step by step, you will improve your current data usage, implement new technologies and become a better date driven company.

As Damatec is a certified provider for strategic advice, up to 40% of our services may be subsidized by the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Enterpreneurship.


Implementing solutions

Implementing data driven solutions is our core business.  Damatec’s expertise and knowledge is available for every data related challenge, from small to big.  We design, develop and deliver working solutions that generates revenue.

During implementation we persue a hands-on and pragmatic approach, in collaboration with of our customer’s management, subject matter experts, business users and IT staff. And eventhough the whole picture might be big, we understand that primary needs need to be addressed first, delivering the right return on investment.



Damatec’s consultants and experts love to share their knowledge and we want our customers to become as much as possible self-reliant and independent in the use and technical knowledge of the different tools we offer.  Diverse training programs can be composed and customized according to the audience needs.  Face-to-face training will increase engagement from your employees and will drive the application into a working solution.

In addition, as we only use well documented software tools, eager employees will find supplementary manuals, books and tutorials through the internet.

As Damatec is a certified training provider up to 40% of our training services may be subsidized by the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Enterpreneurship.



Our customers can trust on continuous support for problems, issues, questions and advise.  Every question reaching us is handled with care and our support desk team is ready and steady to respond within the shortest possible time span. Also, by letting us know, you contribute to our knowledge base to which you will have full access.


Stay in the know

In a rapidly changing digital world, it is one of Damatec’s main missions to detect new possibilites and opportunites for our customers and to keep them informed about new arising technologies.  And as a partner, we  always stay in touch to support your business development and to advise when needed.