Boost your business with data

Damatec helps businesses to become a better data driven company.  Data from various business applications, machines and the cloud is our source to give you better insights, to control your organization and to automate business processes.

Thanks to our expertise in smart and strategic use of data, our customers improve operations, are more profitable, achieve better performance and increase market share.

Smart on data. Smart on business.

Our services to improve your business

Business intelligence

Get a 360° view of your business.

Follow up goals and identify the domains that need your attention.

It doesn't matter where you data is, we connect to any datasource, transform and combine it into valuable insights.

Industrial IoT

Monitor your production machinery.

We are able to extract, stream, analyse and visualize data from your production lines, in real time.

Detect upcoming problems and increase production performance. Review historical data to the second or discover trends and unknown relations.

Data Automation

Use data as an engine for your organisation.

Start approval flows, receive notifications or automate data input in the various applications you use.

We use measures, KPI's and data events to further automate your business.

Application development

Structure and organise your data.

We develop custom .NET database applications for data input and processing.

Prevent incorrect or missing data with business logic. Reduce data maintenance and enjoy the default functionalities of our application framework.

Using software that deserves our trust

Diverse best-in-class software tools are selected and integrated to meet your requirements and go beyond your expectations.

We design and deliver data solutions using state-of-the-art technologies that passed our quality standards. Hence, for every data challenge we are able to give a solid and scalable answer.

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Why us?

Knowledge and expertise

We understand your business and the technology.
Our team of business consultans, automation engineers and data professionals, are experienced translators of needs and requirements into working solutions.

Dedicated partner

We are there when you need us. From strategic advice and decision making support to design, implementation, training or ad hoc questions. We seek for innovation and opportunities and keep our customers informed. We welcome you in our data community.

Solid software tools

To keep us and our customers a step ahead, Damatec only uses software toos from solid, trendsetting and leading partners like Microsoft, Siemens and PTC. Well documented, flexible and scalable solutions that can and will support your future business.

KMO portefeuille

Damatec is a certified service provider for strategic advice and training. Up to 40% of our services may be subsidized by the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Enterpreneurship.

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